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Gerard Sarnat 





Pynchon and Snowden Were Shortlisted for Nobel Prizes 




“You cannot turn the wind so turn the sail.”

            -- from an undisclosed admirer of an unnamed Mossad Director



An 8th century monk named Luitprand, willing & able to redact

any assignment, celibate crown duly tonsured by a Swiss army knife,

served at Chartres Cathedral where his whistle-blower commonplace book

introduced woodwinds and egg timers 


to Europe. But this palimpsest’s about modern-day trumped-up

security risks of a subpoenaed ex-kibbutznik informer who duct-taped

her hourglass figure till it disappeared to duck through the webbed fingers

of Deep State surveillance. Thuggish bogus self-serving Brooklyn


Social Workers, after weighing mitigating and aggravating factors

including transgender bat mitzvahs, culled undesirable Others,

whose skinny industrial-strength gumption occupied the vast cold floor

of a teeming locked ward, from a perp lineup of artisanal swap meet-

flea circus cybergoth alien Matrix self-inked orange jumpsuit teen cutters

who lived entirely off their own bodies, digesting fat first then muscle

to keep the brain alive. Unidentified Handlers got Candy Mantis


together with her mother, father and siblings in a sweltering holding cell

where they watched their six; gave each of them a sand tray; instructed,

Nuthin’ poisonal with the cattle prods, but put them wood play pegs

however best shows the way every fam member’d react if one of youz

had access to top secret air gap intranet gov’t protocols for nuclear war.


The Tased ménage circled covered wagons to surround their Cobble Hill

daughter/sister in the Nevada desert’s rightwing vigilante sector that invaded

ultra top-secret Yucca Mountain Waste Repository -- which a batallion

of clandestine muckamuck mosquitoes later opined clocked more kinfusion

than ever before recorded in the history of malaria. For such a fissionable

vector offense, all seven, including the now psychotic toddler, got docked:


Authorities subjected their blade-happy matriarch to extraordinary rendition

till lunch Cuisinarting through a rectal tube boiled over a delicious hoax

how to sabotage Iranian uranium


Praise the Lord, Shalom. As reparations for the NSA’s

unacknowledged mistake, the gov’ment hired go-to guys

Darius Menorah and Mikhail Nomady, real estate agents par excellence

who Ruminate, More depressed Persians live here’n in Tehran.
















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