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Fenton Spear

                           Famous Poet

            Poverty.  Exile.  Overripe Annihilation.

            From 10:20's Dive,

            Pool balls that break into the warped spin

            Of planets; Pandora's chaos--


            With the bloody sound of what Ezra Pound

            Said the age demanded--

            'the image

            Of an accelerated grimmace.'

            Poverty.  Exile.  Cancellations.

            'Hello, Good Morning!,

            White Teeth'

            Is your daily reprieve

            To the pet black ball

            As the cutting edge

            Of your stilted all-

            Seeing profile

            Steps out with the angelic gait

            Of Lucifer into Dante's Enfer.

            The idiot wind--'there but

            For the grace of God.'




















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