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Craig Kurtz 









When you think about car wrecks,

TV shows and Britney Spears,

it’s obvious stupidity’s

contagious as the plague.

Considering golf on the moon,* 

vitamins and nipple rings,

most people are defenseless

vis-à-vis inanity.

When you ponder The Prophet,

Sigmund Freud and Chairman Mao,

there’s a lot of geniuses

who belong in pillories.

Behold Facebook (or even worse,

one more Einstein mocking it);

Disneyland, Ayn Rand, Pac Man —

someone’s been an idiot.

Beethoven’s got the disco beat

and Shelley’s peddling soft porn;

the glory of dumocracy

is you can’t be more smart than me.


When you figure lotteries

and unwanted pregnancies,

you can see fatuity

has become a federal case.

Then, there’s nitrous, molly,

pot and beer —

yes, you’ll vote for Hillary

next year.

Perhaps those diets and implants,

not to mention Jazzercise,

will prove that Barnum, if alive,

would rather wish that he was not.

We’ve a world of pedicures,

Scientology and memes;

don’t blame me when Fred Flintstone

metastasizes all your dreams.

Tchaikovsky hustles up ringtones

and Tolstoy now pimps out cartoons;

the beauty of dumocracy

is what you win is gravity.








* During the 1971 Apollo 14 moon landing, astronaut Alan Shepard hit golf balls with a six-iron for the daytime television audience, including golf aficionado President Nixon. Also collected 40 pounds of moon rocks. Tab to tax-payers, in ‘71 dollars: $400 million (Artemis Society International).



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