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Craig Kurtz 





Comrade Stalin, Superstar





Communism, said and done,

wasn’t really that much fun;

but Comrade Stalin, don’t forget,

gave it a shot, that patriot.

All countries, ’twill be allowed,

have some eras less than proud;

nation building is no laugh

and omelets crack eggs right in half.

Pyramids don’t build themselves

and train tracks ain’t laid out by elves;

what’s ‘history’ in bygone times

another age will call ‘war crimes.’

Twenty bucks says Andrew Jackson

was to injuns, Joseph Stalin;

when a country needs ‘progress’

development lacks politesse.

All folks want bread, heat and lamps

so what’s a few measly work camps?;

our forebears were all ‘criminals’—

thank them we can be liberals.

The dirty jobs we now impugn

gave us the wealth to change our tune;

those tyrants who embarrass us

made possible such consciousness.

Comrade Stalin would agree,

that is if he spoke first, not me;

he knew his Marxist theory cold,

and wrote the book (it still gets sold).*

Let us not fail to explain

that he ended Hitler’s reign;

England, U.S. had their chance

but hesitated (just ask France).

And, when we think of women’s lib,

our despot figures (that’s no fib);

equal work for equal pay

became the norm in Stalin’s day.

Russia was once third-world poor

but communist esprit de corps

got Russians working hard as dogs,

improving life (outside gulags).

So, you see, simplicity

does not apply to history;

perspectives get upset by facts

when bad men make heroic acts.






* Dialectical and Historical Materialism, 1938. Available on Kindle.


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