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Amanda Deutch

Young Animals



the edges are dark faded. you are in the center with both eyes closed. on each side is a portion of a face obscured and then to the left of center is me small tiny. rexall drugs. I am wearing a black sweatshirt with a checker board patch on the front. luncheonette. red swatch watch. trolley pole. metallic bow. black and white life. staring straight in front eyes wide open. white border.  almost pleading. scalloped edges. snow. but not exactly. little you wears a puffy plaid winter coat. my face is pale. enormous pants stuffed messily into your  boots. little legs crossed in front of me. there is a kerchief of sorts not a hood or hat but a scarf tied around your head. bouquet of balloons tied to my arm. in your right hand you hold a shovel. a little to my left there is a chimpanzee (zippy) smiling widely or screaming showing all his teeth in roller skates and a santa suit. almost half your height. we only met this once and skated together round the rink. 

you are shoveling snow on surf avenue in coney island. our facial expressions in the photograph are very different. in front of your apartment building. both wearing brown suede rented roller skates. a little girl shoveling snow in the city. my wheels are orange. his (zippy) are dark green.  ben’s pharmacy  is to your right and just across the street behind you is sasha’s luncheonette. me small tiny (without suit) am not smiling. three silhouettes gather on the corner in front of sasha’s as they did in those days and as they still do in these. he chimpanzee (zippy) smiling widely or screaming. off in the distance is the parachute jump. both eyes open in the dark. out of sight is the beach and the atlantic ocean. 






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