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Amanda Deutch

People TV

(for the actors in Pretty Wild)



Dear TV, 


I am sick 

                      of how you 










          your boobs

                                         in the shower





   house of Xanax 


         found on the count




                                 in the last episode 

                               of the first 

                                                           (& last ) season of PrettyWild


                                       Uh- Oh! 

                                       and so it is



   this place 

   is a 






                            from above 

                are killing me


   and mean nothing at all

      alpha rays  gamma rays  ozone

          circadian rhythm  stilettos  Miami oxy booze sizzurpy syrup

   everything is a television show

   everyone is a celebrity


   Television off / on / off / on


   Grandiosity out of the shattering 



 Dear Television, you say:

 “I am petrified – petrified with this...

 There's many things that I read in here that were false, like you saying I wore six inch        

Louboutin heels…when I wore four inch little brown Bebe shoes.”


              and say again:


              "I'm so stressed. 

              Can I have

              a 5 milligram Adderall 

              please? Oh shoot,

          I dropped it






Caress me

Can I 

have a car

impala? mustang?

jump the turnstile

love you a while


 Oh shoot

   I dropped it 











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