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Peter Burzynski 





      Traveled Around




Tell a Clydesdale that he’s

a mule.  Ride him, lie to him.


He’s not a steed. Pay him

with grain and cubes of salt.


He will not shit on your

floor. He will work like a steed,


but screw like an Olympian

in the hundred-yard-dash—


singles competition. He will

let you rip the saddles right


off of his back. He will cook

for you. He will cook you—


imagine! He will feed celebrities,

Give him your laurels! Glib,


but he will take them. He will

run for you.  He will eat right


out of the palm of macerated

hands.  He will work for food. 


He is so damn happy to have

a job.  He is so damn hungry


for attention and love and

friendship and other tired


abstractions.  Give him clichés

to unbend. Give him livery


or give him a desk.  Give him

whatever you’ve got left. He is a/an:


American Cream Draft, Quarter,

Banker, Bashkir Curly, Black Forest,


Blazer, Brandenburger, Byelorussian

Harness, Canadian Pacer, Carolina


Marsh Tacky, Castillian, Choctaw,

Cleveland Bay, Clydesdale, Colorado


Ranger, Cold-blood Trotter, Cuban

Danube Delta, Dutch Heavy Draft,


Estonian, Falabella, Florida Cracker,

Friesian Cross, Furioso North Star,


Galician, Gelderland, Georgian Grande,

Gypsy Vanner, Hackney, Heck, Hirzai,


Holsteiner, Indian Half-Bred, Irish

Draught, Jaca Navarra, Kabarda,


Kentucky Mountain Saddle, Kinsky,

Knabstrupper, Konik, Kustanair,


Lustiano, Miniature, Misaki, Missouri

Fox Trotter, Mongolian, Murgese,


Mustang, Namib Desert, National Show,

Nokota, Oberlander, Orlov, Ostfriesen,


Palamino, Pampa, Pentro, Peruvian Paso,

Qatgani, Quarab, Racking, Rhenish-German


Cold-Blood, Rocky Mountain, Romanian Sport,

Russian Don, San Fratello, Shire, Silesian,


Standard-bred, Suffolk, Svensk

Kallblodstravare, Taishuh, Tennessee


Walking, Tersk, Thoroughbred, Tiger,

Tori, Trait du Nord, Ukrainian Riding,


Virginia Highlander, Vlaamperd, Vyatka,

Waler, Walkaloosa, Warlander, Welsh Cob,


Wielkopolski, Württemburger, Xilingol,

Yakutian, Yili, Zweibrücker horse. Instead


of being a steed ahead of the pack he’s sauntering

over the finish line with one last gamble left.   









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