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Matt Gilbert





Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Starring Lindsay Lohan                            


Even her eyes slurred, Lindsay plays her

caught under the table searching

for her nicotine gum, smelling of flowers

so hunters can’t track her by scent.


She is selling everything she has stolen,

tables of goods tossed in an anger collage:

tobacco-scarred curtains, the gold medal

for correctly identifying a feeling,


Amazon dress shoes on the shelf of hill.

She is selling her No, a necessary tool.

A few drugs. Every object reminding her

of the person she burnt for warmth:


In the movie there’ll be simulated gunfire.

Love me. Included in our activity will be

law enforcement, emergency response vehicles,

and actors dressed as law enforcement.


Love me. How difficult it can be for anyone

to understand her or her motives,

but darkness can do nothing but kill her.

Paraded in handcuffs and an inflamed hat,


fettered by the head she holds up,

this is a happy ending; it is good to see

that all is not lost, just most things,

six million bonfires still raging the sky. 



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