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LvcYfvr Dalton

                          A Hedgehog

"I ask for China, you give me Indian"



It must be the music you hear:

Clearly, the sonic yellow

To crayon-blue boom

Of some prodigal 'thing'

Like a comic book's hedgehog

Creating the next holy shitstorm

As it barrels out from Sega's Genesis

For its next permanent thud,

Losing its latest

Golden brain-

trust of hoops

rings, a few question marks.

Meanwhile, a giraffe steers

Her neck

And plants her ear

To the ground.

At the center

Of a round-about.

Tapping into the sound

Of a cardinal's stirrup

As this latest bird

Touches down

On a flat spare tire

Then, again, takes off

For a pitch that feels my own.

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