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Gilbert Allen

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1. I consider myself li ing

in po etry at the present time.


2. I ha e ne er really

known po etry.


3. There is less extreme po etry in Ireland

than in the United States.


4. There is more po etry in Las  egas

than in Chicago.


5. Po etry is an unnecessary by-product

of a post-industrial society.


6. With the right leadership, the federal go ernment

could eradicate po etry.


7. I think about the degradation of po etry

at least once e ery day.


8. People who experience po etry

ha e only themsel es to blame.


9. Women and small children are more likely

to li e in po etry.


10. The po etry line

is a myth.


11. Contrary to popular opinion, po etry

does not preclude happiness.


12. Po etry will disappear

in my lifetime.







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