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Diarmuid ó Maolalaí

             Getting Up Difficult


we'd been

on the floor

a while. the carpet

skinning her back,

rough as a brush

on a potato. we were supposed

to be meeting her friend

in an hour

and were making the most

of the time beforehand,

but didn't have

any condoms

in the flat. I heard her come

after 10 minutes

and came close


then pulled my ass backwards

and pulled it

a couple of times,

spilling love

on her belly

like honey

on toast. her skirt

was still on

(and needed changing)

and my trousers

were tangled

at my knees. it made

getting up

difficult, and getting

to the shower. but washing off

was good - hot water slopping,

diluting the smell. we were

late, but her friend

was worried

about introducing

her own

new boyfriend -

lucky, she was

far too preoccupied

with that

to be suspicious.


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