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Samuel Gates

                           2-D Platform

            Super Mario has a mania.  He keeps running

            Beyond the stretch of Forrest Gump's America.

            Into a mall.  Out of the 80s.  Toggle, toggle,

            Toggle & into a digital side-scrolling work of art.


            A boy's fingers mashes button A

            Then mashes 'start,' allowing the boy

            Like Lazarus, like Christ to live

            In level 1 after the boy hath died. 


            Super Mario has a mania.

            He first appeared in Donkey Kong.

            Shigeru Miyamoto & Takashi Tezuka

            Are his God.  He jumps like Jordan

            With the springboard freshness

            Of another Universe

            That has not yet begun.

            Mario's head, Mario's throat

            Punch through gold

            Cinderblocks then crunch,

            Eats his lunch of wrapped

            Bitcoin before Bitcoin was

            Born.  How does he do that?

            Ask Princess Peach

            As she floats off

            In Bowser's Doomship 

            Towards the world

            In which I type and you toggle

            Now with a 3-D remote.

            Just wow!, caught in the warp

            of tunnels which mash together

           All worlds.















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