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Nels Hanson 








Consider the snail’s patient wheel
a caterpillar’s M-shaped progress

garter snake drawing S’s in weeds
sparrow claw perching blue basin’s

rim, unblinking hawk’s eye circling
noon, jackrabbit leaping in zigzags

down a vine row. Nails of gophers
scratch darkly, alert grey squirrel

courses power line between maples
white foot of clam gropes tidal floor

waves knocking overhead. Raccoon’s
curved hands caress a yellow peach

sure leg-tips of spiders thread fresh
gossamer to string the deadly circle

as lost climbers try pack ice, saddle
high heel falling softly onto Berber

or ballerina’s silk toe poised against
hurt, summer purple Santa Rosa plum

tartly sweet as the black Bing cherry
bearing autumn’s hard stone of rain.

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