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Lindsay Daigle  





                  Homeless Hiding Spots, New York City 



A mattress on the steps of St. George’s

on 22nd Street among Dunkin’ Donuts

wrappers, a stocking cap tucked inside a

paper bag. Behind a stone pillar on 2nd

Avenue near the 37th Street off-ramp

from FDR, a large kitchen sponge dotted

with dirt and lice from its use as a pillow.

Maker’s Mark—unexpected notable

bottle, half-full under the garbage lid near

20th and 3rd. Under a path bench along

the East River, a jar of peanuts.

Abandoned grocery carts under the 10th

Street bridge. Blanket bundles stuffed

between bars gating brownstones, a

curling copy of Twelfth Night between the

fleece. Disguise. Pity. Sham. Fool. The

appetite may sicken and so die. That

strain again, it had a dying fall.


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