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Fenton Spear


And all above is dark

and light and ruthless

love bending through

vast dumb tubes

of god’s deep veins,

abandoned under-

passes, lost passage-
ways in which

stones sing sparks

and mold magic

from decay

The mothership

mists up

vast and dark

but soft

as your mother’s skin—

It is a miracle to watch

what doesn’t make sense

The engines begin to conduct

To dove and thrust

and wend; singing love,

spewing sparks

from strings of violins

Toscanini picks up his baton

and levitates into space

Completely from memory,

conducts his first symphony

Blowing the minds of the audience—

a stone skips two hundred billion

light years until it doesn’t

Boom! Only a trillionth of a trillionth of a second old,

a glow worm opens its mouth
and spits out a honey comb
The blast is evangelical

As bright as a child chiming a triangle







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