LvcYfvr Dalton

                           THE CYCLONE

            Just as a cacophony

            (read 'bad sound')

            of clown horns

            and dented trombones


            would pile out the band

            (read, 'something which binds')

            of an old rusted jalopy,

            I might have pressed pause--

            Yes, pressed pause

            to my Super Nin-

            tendo parody


            of chasing demon-dwarfs

            and nicked (read 'nycker')

            garden gnomes


            to (speaking of Super Mario)

            magically capsize

            into this very tilted world

            of lunacy, 


            wherein Luna Park I've climbed

            to the triceratops

            (from trikeratos, + *ōps- 'eye' + *okw- 'to see'   )

            of The Cyclone


            and (JAH!--) posted the flag of the muted posthorn