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LvcYfvr Dalton

                           THE CYCLONE 2

            Just as this cacophony

            (read 'bad sound')

            of clown horns

            & dented trombones

            might have piled

            from the yellow 'band'

            (read, 'something

            which binds')

            of a rusted jalopy,

            I would press pause--

            yes, press pause

            in regard to the freshly

            stocked stream

            of my own Super Nin-

            tendo parody,

            where I was spotted

            mostly more lost than found,


            chasing demon-dwarves

            & nicked  (read 'nycker')

            garden gnomes

            as if such space-cadet patrolling

            could magically capsize the Earth

            into my small, tilted world of lunacy,

            wherein the confines of Luna Park


            I recall climbing with a circus


            atop the triceratops 

            (from trikeratos  + *ōps- 'eye'

                  + *okw- 'to see' )

            of The Cyclone


            posting W.A.S.T.E.'s

            muted post-horn.












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