LvcYfvr Dalton

                           TALL RAIN CLD 

            Because the world

            Once so cropped

            And stock still

            Has now dropped

            Most jaws to rest

            Upon the double-

            Whammy scale

            Of (יהוה‎) what

            Merely streaked on

            And flashed off

            As German Bell

            Frisbee Disc

            Cuban Cigar

            After Truman dropped

            Little Boy Fat Man   


            Into what still bides


            Presently as once--


            Wherein, where out

            One tall rain cloud

            bolts out

            from the blink

            of an eye 

            from (anseohere & now


            where a triceratops

            with his sidekick of a rhino

            deals out a digital blow

            to the ringmaster bedaubed 

            to the silk-threaded trampoline

            of his own website.

            Meanwhile, my own execution squad

            find themselves the Webelos 

            (WE'll-BE-LOyal-Scouts) and cubs

            as I sharpen my club

            into something like a sickle