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Peter Bracking  





                            100 Rejections

                  submission is my business



count up infinite one (submit) two start surprise first is yes two please start the line too true the flip of yes count obversely rises the count up


from a vast halting white page covered slowly with some brain drip dribblescribble your mind and type mind mind (submit) again mind phonic spelling duels and sun honed poems dipped in pen name imagination for that moment


of course mirrors (submit) the words the pieces of luck are warehoused shuffled counted coming going holding counted more than needed until the spots focus force (submit) a click and they go go gone to editors every one


hope hedge fluence fickle predictable plan yes smile (submit) it's success 


and the wait after the click type mind and waiting watch words wrestle spaces, dick around with unsharpened metaphors (submit) unrevelling time and all the dark monsters wait with editors who could stoop snatch and do at yes times or wait sentenced to five months and a day 


no is a chorus the chorus dance perform yes yes no no and nobody likes me everybody hates me you're going to the garden to eat worms no and no


o so it's no is that what you deign reshuffle whet reaim and o yes o re(submit)


and the wait and the (submit) nothing but screw cap skull the count up counted on no over no al a carte calling all (submit) counting up


so it's 100 rejections no is such a round word easy to hear or not 100 but luck moment this instant you have hold enough pieces of work of pieces of art or shards of ideas, words bricked  and images plunged into a phalanx of pixels; in some device left to another's devices; to exceed that number of no's barely editors (submit) now


before the wails whine web wide before the croc tears steam away 


the earth jolts shuddered stumbled feet over the international invisible dots planned predicted yes acclaim to follow editors bows airmailed awe (submit) heart a full stop behind count up a few sand filled days 


intercontinental poetic missive editors over the curve of the earth trophy yes polish (submit) plinth 


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